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Factsheet: EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Trade between the EU and Japan has grown substantially in the five years that the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has been in force. 

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Banner EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

On 1 February 2019, the ambitious EU-Japan EPA came into force, covering close to 30% of global GDP and a population of 600 million people.

Over the last five years, the EPA has led to substantial growth, helping to diversify and secure supply chains and promote sustainability. 

Trade snapshots


Goods (2023) 

Services (2022) 


€134 billion

€54,5 billion


€70 billion

€17 billion 


€64 billion

€37,2 billion

Trade booms under EU-Japan EPA

Since implementation:

  • Total trade in goods has surged by 14.2%
  • Total trade in services has increased by 27%

The EU-Japan EPA has improved bilateral trade in goods in many sectors

Increase in specific EU exports to Japan since the entry into force of the EPA:

  • Works of art and antiques: +305% 
  • Pearls, gemstones, gold and silver items: +125%  
  • Cereals: +76% 
  • Pharmaceutical products: +25%  
  • Electrical machinery: +28% 

Increase in specific imports from Japan since the entry into force of the EPA:

  • Iron and steel: +320% 
  • Ships and boats: +147% 
  • Footwear: +133% 
  • Photographic goods: +18% 
  • Electrical machinery: +8% 

Total bilateral trade in environmental goods and services has grown by x1.4 since the entry into force of the agreement.

The EU-Japan EPA supports economic success in EU Member States

Since the entry into force of the agreement:


Exported product: Medical blood products

Growth: +533%


Exported product: Natural honey

Growth: +144%


Exported product: Seafood

Growth: +126%


Exported product: Concentrated milk

Growth: +124%


Exported product: Beer

Growth: +67%


Exported product: Aircraft and satellites

Growth: +1,895%


Exported product: Citrus fruits

Growth: +7,092%


Exported product: Frozen vegetables

Growth: +1,160%


Exported product: Electric motors and generators

Growth: +14,730%