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News article22 July 2020BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade

Ukraine wood export ban: panel timeline under Covid-19

UPDATE: Ukraine wood export ban panel timeline under Covid-19 restrictions.

21/09/2020: Due to the current international situation related to Covid-19 and the existing contact and travel restrictions, both Parties and the Arbitration Panel have agreed to hold the hearing online as a virtual hearing on 22 and 23 September 2020. The opening statements of the Parties presented at the hearing as well as the written replies of the Parties to the questions of the arbitration panel will be made publicly available on the respective websites of both Parties.

22/07/2020: Both Parties and the Arbitration Panel have agreed that the public part of the Arbitration Panel hearings are postponed to 22-23 September 2020. Therefore, the Arbitration Panel hearings will start in Kyiv in the afternoon of Tuesday 22 September, and will end on 23 September. If by the end of August travel appears impossible in view of the relevant health policy restrictions related to Covid-19, the format of the Arbitration Panel hearing will be updated and the public will be informed accordingly.

27/03/2020: Both Parties and the panel have agreed that under restrictions in view of limiting the spread of Covid-19, including for non-critical government work and general travel, a decision on the date of the panel hearing will be communicated in due course, based on an updated timeline for the dispute settlement procedure.


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