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News article27 January 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade

EU welcomes Japan’s decision to strengthen sanctions against Russia

The EU welcomes Japan’s decision taken today to further align its export controls with those taken by the EU, its allies and partners.

Japan is strengthening its export controls on sensitive technologies as part of an unprecedented, coordinated global effort to ensure the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia.

The EU works closely with international partners, including Japan, to starve Russia of sensitive technologies that risk being used to fuel Russia’s unjustified aggression against Ukraine or to support Russia’s military-industrial complex.

Our sanctions have curtailed the possibility to export dual-use goods to Russia, severely limiting Russia’s access to a broad range of advanced technologies, including drones, software for encryption devices, semiconductors, and chemicals used for the production of weapons and military systems.

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27 January 2023
Directorate-General for Trade
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