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News article9 August 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade

EU tightens anti-dumping measures on optical fibre cables from China to defend significant EU industry

The European Commission has doubled its anti-dumping duties on optical fibre cables from China, following an investigation which found that Chinese exporters of optical fibre cables were attempting to impede the effects of the original measures.

Chinese exporters had deliberately decreased their prices to impede the remedial effects of measures originally imposed on imports from China in November 2021. The new anti-dumping duties on optical fibre cables will range from 39.4% to 88%, which is twice the original duties and the maximum increase allowed. They will restore the level playing field undermined by Chinese exporters who decreased their export prices to 'absorb' the original duties imposed by the Commission.

Optical fibres are crucial for the EU’s transition to advanced broadband telecommunication and the European optical fibre cable industry – which employs over 5,000 people across many Member States and has a key role to play in the implementation of the EU’s digital agenda. Today’s tightening of measures aims to ensure that the EU industry is not weakened by unfair trading practices of competitors and that it can continue to compete on an equal footing.

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Anti-absorption measures (amendment of anti-dumping duties) on optical fibre cables from China

Anti-dumping measures on optical fibre cables from China

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9 August 2023
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