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News article12 May 2023Directorate-General for Trade

EU scales up measures on dumped polyester yarn from China

Today, the European Commission adopted two Regulations which together renew, adjust and extend the scope of the existing measures on imports of high tenacity yarn of polyester (HTYP) from China. 

Several investigations found that injurious dumping would continue should existing measures be allowed to lapse and, moreover, that measures needed to be revised upwards and extended to an additional importer (Hailide) to counteract the injurious dumping.

The enhanced measures renew the anti-dumping duties on imports of high tenacity polyester yarn from China for another five years and increase them to between 6.9% and 23.7%. They will defend the European Union industry from dumped imports from China, protecting over 1,000 jobs across the EU.

High tenacity polyester yarn is used in tyres, safety belts and other technical fabrics, with the EU market valued at €400 million annually. 

Anti-dumping measures have been in place on high tenacity polyester yarn from China since 2010 and were already renewed in the past.  

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12 May 2023
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