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News article13 September 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade

The EU and the Republic of Korea facilitate trade in agricultural products

Trade in agricultural products between the EU and Korea is about to become a lot easier, thanks to the digitisation of procedures agreed today between the two partners.

The European Commission and the Republic of Korea signed an administrative arrangement to cooperate on electronic health certification and on the harmonisation of such certificates for exports of agricultural products from the European Union to the Republic of Korea.

This agreement is a concrete demonstration of the mutual trust and confidence between the EU and Korean authorities, and gives effect to commitments undertaken between the EU and Korea in our bilateral FTA, and at the WTO.

The arrangement, which aims to be implemented before 2025, establishes a new electronic certification exchange system for bilateral trade of agricultural products. This will be a mutually beneficial tool, as it will enable EU exporters to reduce their administrative burden, and increase Korean consumers’ trust. It thus contributes to further digitalisation of trade – to the benefit of producers, traders and consumers alike, saving time and money through the real time exchange of information.

The electronic certification will benefit mutual trade and all EU Member States exporting processed meat, dairy and/or egg products, and it lays the ground for enhanced cooperation on additional future commodities exported to Korea.

Once the arrangement is officialised, technical preparations and IT setup will begin. This will enable work on harmonised certificates and on a pilot program with a focus on specific products.

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13 September 2023
Directorate-General for Trade
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South Korea
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