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News article10 February 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade

EU acts against dumped ceramic tiles from India and Türkiye

Today, the Commission imposed definitive anti-dumping measures on imports of ceramic tiles originating from India and Türkiye for a period of five years.

This follows an investigation which was initiated in December 2021 and showed that EU producers were harmed by dumped imports from India and Türkiye. The injury sustained by EU producers of ceramic tiles resulted in a loss of sales despite a growing EU market for ceramic tiles. The measures imposed will defend EU producers – mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises that employ a total of 55,000 people across the EU – by reestablishing fair competition between imported and EU-produced tiles.

Ceramic tiles are produced across the EU, with particularly high concentrations of producers in Spain, Italy, Poland and Portugal. The welfare of producers in such clusters markedly impacts other up- and downstream industries and their employees.

The anti-dumping duties imposed range from 6.7% to 8.7% for ceramic tiles from India and from 4.8% to 20.9% for ceramic tiles from Türkiye.

In addition to today’s measures on ceramic tiles originating in India and Türkiye, anti-dumping measures are currently in place on imports of ceramic tiles from China, as well as on ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China.

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10 February 2023
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