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Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

The Commission makes special efforts to assist SMEs affected by Trade Defence Instruments.

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If you are an SME affected by Trade Defence Instruments either as an importer or user of products subject to investigation or as an EU producer or as an SME exporting to non-EU countries you should be aware that the Commission makes special efforts to assist you in any way possible. You are invited to make use of this opportunity!

Are you an SME importing or using an imported product that could become subject to trade defence measures?

You may need to know when an investigation of allegedly dumped or subsidised imports from non-EU countries is initiated so that you can participate and make your views known. You can subscribe to be informed of new cases, and if you wish monitor details of the timeframe/key steps of ongoing investigations. If you do not wish to subscribe, we recommend that you regularly check our investigations web pages for information on new cases.

If you are importing or using imported products subject to an investigation, you may wish to contact our SME Trade Defence Helpdesk if you feel the investigation should not result in measures (e.g. duties) being imposed against these imports. The helpdesk will put you in contact with the officials in charge of the investigation.

Are you a producing SME affected by low-priced imports?

If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) and producing in the Community your company may be particularly affected by low-priced imports. If you think these low prices are unfair because they are caused by dumping or subsidisation you should take advice on what actions you could take to counter this unfairness (e.g. lodge a complaint with the European Commission).

For more information on what constitutes dumping and subsidisation please see trade defence measures and our more detailed presentations on the two trade defence instruments, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy.

Should these not provide answers to your questions or indeed if you require any further explanation or assistance please contact the SME Trade Defence Helpdesk which will help you in any way possible.

Are you a SME exporting outside the EU?

If you are exporting to a non-EU country, you may be affected by an anti-dumping, anti-subsidy or safeguard measure applied by that country. When a trade defence investigation is launched, you can choose to be involved, in which case you will be asked to register with the non-EU authority, fill in a comprehensive questionnaire and allow visits to your premises in the case of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations.

If the investigation concludes that trade defence measures are necessary, additional duties (typically much higher than custom duties) and/or quotas may be applied to exports to the non-EU country.

If your company is notified of the opening of an investigation, or if you hear that an investigation is about to be initiated, you may wish to contact the SME Trade Defence Helpdesk which is at your disposal for any assistance needed.

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