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Spain – premium Iberian ham, which captivates wherever it goes, lays its eyes on Singapore

Cinco Jotas is a meat producer renowned for its top-of-the-line jamón ibérico - Iberian ham.

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Cinco Jotas' main product, acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham, is produced in the southwestern Spanish town of Jabugo.

Being one of Spain's gastronomic jewels with legions of fans, jamón ibérico is an iconic culinary product.

The name of the ham, Jamón de Jabugo, can only be used by genuinely local producers as the label is protected in the EU under the system of geographical indications (GI).

The company now seeks success in Southeast Asia. In 2012, Cinco Jotas applied for approval from authorities in Singapore to export to the country. Since then, its Iberian ham can be found in exclusive delicatessen stores and restaurants.

How the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement could help

With a registry of protected Geographical Indications in Singapore, the agreement will offer protection for distinctive regional food and drink products from the EU and ensure that consumers get the genuine article – not imitations.

The trade agreement will make exports of high-quality food products easier, while maintaining stringent food safety requirements. A simplified process will be introduced, through which EU producers will be able to export meat to Singapore based on verifications and certificates from their respective EU country.

It is excellent that the EU-Singapore trade agreement ensures the protection of Geographical Indications. The GI Registry will be an advantage for us, as Asia is a huge market for Spanish premium products. The simplified approval process for EU exporters could facilitate exports further.. In such a competitive market, we should explore all avenues to find advantages, since we are competing with other countries' producers.

Billy Yeong,
Asia-Pacific Area Manager, Cinco Jotas

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