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Spain - Porcelanosa

Cross-Atlantic ceramics.

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  • Canada
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Cross-Atlantic ceramics

Porcelanosa is a ceramics company benefitting from improved business opportunities in Canada to sell high quality tile for kitchens and bathrooms.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1973
  • Headquarters: Villareal, Spain
  • Employees: 800

Company profile

Porcelanosa is a leading manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tiles, employing more than 800. It has forged a worldwide reputation as a business group, thanks to its research work and the quality of its products. The group specialises in single-fired porous, stoneware, and porcelain wall and floor tiles in a wide variety of formats and finishes. Its products stand out for their high-tech properties, innovative design and unbeatable quality.

How the trade agreement could help

The removal of Canadian customs duties means Porcelanosa can sell its products in Canada at lower prices. This makes the company more competitive on the Canadian market. It has also enabled it to invest more in Canada, in particular in Toronto, one of the largest metropolitan areas in North America.

Customs duties have been eliminated, making Porcelanosa’s products more competitive on the Canadian market.

Porcelanosa has profited from easier export conditions, leading to a substantial opening-up of the Canadian market, including the large Canadian public procurement market at federal and state level.

We’ve big hopes for the Canadian market. For example, we recently opened a new store in one of the most exclusive commercial areas in Toronto. CETA has enabled us to improve our prices and become more competitive. It’s also cut the amount of paperwork for EU exports to Canada. For Porcelanosa's operations in Canada the agreement is definitely very favourable.

Silvestre Segarra Soriano,
Export Manager at Porcelanosa Group