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Poland - Polish yachts set sail for Canada

CETA is set to remove 99% of all customs duties, including the 9.5% currently imposed on yachts

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The Delphia Yachts shipyard was founded in 1990 by two brothers, Piotr and Wojciech Kot. The company has since become the largest builder of luxury yachts in Poland, exporting 95% of its production to more than 40 countries around the world.

Key destinations for Delphia’s yachts include the United States, Australia and Japan but in recent years the company has also been present in Canada. In each of these cases, transport and logistics costs are a major burden to business, often reaching tens of thousands of dollars. That is why any savings are crucial.

The ratification of the EU-Canada Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement, CETA, has eliminated all tariffs on yachts – previously as high as 9.5%.

Such international business has not only benefited Delphia Yachts. The surrounding area of Olecko in the region of Masuria has seen economic growth in the wake of the company’s success.

Wacław Olszewski, Mayor of Olecko, appreciates the importance of the shipyard for the development of the city and the region “Delphia Yachts is the largest investor in the areas of economic activity of Olecko and one of the biggest tax payers on real estate,” explains the Mayor. “The number of employees is nearly 700, which in a region where the unemployment rate is at 17.8 per cent is of great importance.”

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