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Poland - Polish superfruit boosts South Korea

EU trade agreements open up new markets for Polish agricultural products

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International trade has increased the demand for Chokeberry from Poland, the world’s largest producer of the berry packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Poland produces more than 50,000 tons of chokeberry per year, of which more than 90% is exported.

EU trade agreements, such as the one signed with South Korea in 2011, lower tariffs and ease the administrative burdens of international trade. The trade agreement enabled small Polish Chokeberry producer, Aronia Polska, to enter the South Korean market – a move that was previously only possible for the biggest players in the industry. Upon ratification of the trade agreement in 2011, South Korea began to recognise EU agricultural certificates. This made exporting much easier for producers of all sizes.

According to Professor Iwona Wawer of the Medical University of Warsaw, the health benefits of Chokeberry, which the Americans call the 'super-berry', are hard to overestimate and are the reason behind the fruit’s popularity.

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