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Netherlands - Delivering Dutch veal to Canada

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Delivering Dutch Veal to Canada

Global market leader in veal, calf feed and calfskins.

The VanDrie Group is a Dutch family-owned business and is the largest privately owned agri-business in the Netherlands.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1963
  • Headquarters: Mijdrecht, Netherlands
  • Employees: 2360
  • Annual turnover: 1.97 billion euro (2016)

The VanDrie Group is unique in being an integrated producer. It has full control of the production chain, from caring for the calves, feed production, slaughter, and handling of veal and processing of calfskins, to the sale of consumer products and marketing and promotion.

How CETA has helped

The VanDrie Group exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Since CETA removed Canadian tariffs on veal of up to 26.5% the VanDrie Group can now easily send regular shipments from the Netherlands to Canada.

Veal is especially highly appreciated in the French-speaking regions of Canada as it plays an important role in traditional French cuisine.

CETA makes it easier to for us to export to Canada. It’s also strengthening business links between the EU and Canada. It’s a big help for the VanDrie Group and for the Dutch veal sector as a whole.

The EU is still the VanDrie Group’s biggest market, but our exports to Canada are becoming ever more important.  

Henny Swinkels,
Director, Corporate Affairs, VanDrie Group