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Putting Canada on the map

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Putting Canada on the map

Ever felt it would be nice to get a bird's eye of what is going on in the world? The Dutch company Spotzi offers an interactive mapping platform that shows the world’s demographic composition and people’s behaviour like travel patterns and shopping habits. While initially based in the Netherlands, Spotzi has developed operations in Canada to benefit from local talent and knowledge in Big Data.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 2014
  • Headquarters: Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands
  • Employees: 12
  • Annual turnover: $1,000,000

Spotzi takes big data from governments and third party data providers. In-house developed Artificial Intelligence Tools anonymise and crunch this data into knowledge that is useful for companies' needs in terms of analysing, marketing, or private use. It also offers visualising solutions for clients such as marketers and retailers like Nike and Coca Cola

Learn more about Spotzi in this video.

How does CETA help?

CETA makes it easier for firms to send staff for temporary work to the other side of the Atlantic.. It also opens Canada's government tenders at federal, provincial and municipal level. 

The company appreciates easier procedures for processing visas of staff, which makes it easier for the Dutch and Canadian teams to work together. It is also very interested in the procurement opportunities in Canada. 

I surround myself with good people who make me feel great and give me positive energy.

Remco Dolman,
CEO at Spotzi