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Italy - Italian organic fertilisers crack the South American market

Small business sees a boost in turnover and investment thanks to EU trade deals.

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Biolchim is a manufacturer of organic fertilisers, based in Bologna, Italy. EU trade agreements with South American countries such as Chile, Colombia and Peru have reduced or eliminated customs duties, thereby lowering Biolchim's management costs. The company has made the most of this by investing more in research and development (up to 1.5% of annual turnover) and increasing its workforce by 50%.

The value of the company’s exports rose from 10% of turnover in 2008 to 50% in 2015. Between 2012 and 2015, exports to South America (Chile, Peru and Colombia) increased in value by 111%.

Biolchim's increased investment in research and development of new products has gone into meeting international demand. This benefits South American farmers, for whom Biolchim’s products can bring about increases in yields of up to 40%.

European exports to Colombia have increased by 9% since the EU-Colombia trade agreement came into force in 2013. In addition, European fertilizer exporters have saved EUR 16 million a year in customs duties.

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