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Germany - Cool sisters bring sustainable solutions to warm regions

Sisters Gabriele Renner and Sabine Stein export their specialist clothing not just within the EU but to several markets outside of it. 

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    In 2010, the two sisters Gabriele Renner and Sabine Stein decided to launch a business in their German hometown, based on their idea of applying 3D cooling techniques to clothing. With a background in the health sector, they had spotted a need for solutions that would help people who have to function in heat-stressed conditions.

    Their efforts resulted in wearable cooling gear to be used not only in the field of health protection but also in leisure and sports. The eco-friendly garments require no external energy source but simply use natural refrigerants such as water and air, and on top they are produced in a climate-neutral manner. This dual sustainability aspect has earned the company several prizes.

    The patented technology binds water in 3D fibres and uses natural evaporation as a cooling mechanism. The product-lines are sold to a mix of private and public clients, including hot workplaces in the automobile, chemical or construction industry, where workers can benefit from the cooling effect. The gear is also used in hospitals, fire brigades, the military, and much more, for instance by athletes with championships in hot countries or vulnerable people suffering from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's or other heat-related illnesses.

    Today, Pervormance exports its products both inside the EU and to several markets outside of the EU, including Switzerland, the US, South Korea, South Africa and Japan.

    The evaporative cooling effect can provide a difference of up to 12 degrees Celsius and save 97% of CO2. The sisters are looking to expand their sales further in warm areas. In particular India, Brazil, and Australia are on their radar, but so far attempts have not been successful due to the absence of EU trade agreements with those countries.

    Since the sisters set out on their cool adventure some fourteen years ago the company has expanded, and the core team today counts twelve employees. In addition, the company sources its input from numerous suppliers locally and inside the EU, thus adding to the employment creation effect of its activities.

    Australia and Brazil are highly relevant export markets for us, and we have found interested customers in both countries. However, the tariffs currently in place are prohibitive – in the case of Brazil over 35%. This is making it impossible for us to compete there. An EU trade agreement would be of great help to us and would allow us to continue our quest to bring sustainable solutions to populations living in heat-stressed areas and suffering the most from the effects of climate change.”

    Gabriele Renner, CEO Pervormance

    Key facts:

    • Founded:  2010
    • Employees: 12
    • Headquarters: Ulm, Germany