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France - French start-up plays its cards right in South Korea

EU-South Korea trade deal sees French plastic cards maker triumph in Asia

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Evolis is a start-up located in Angers in the West of France. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of printing systems and plastic card personalisation solutions.

The 2011 EU trade agreement with South Korea cut trade tariffs between the two partners, enabling Evolis to offer its products to consumers at a more competitive price.

Since the agreement entered into force in 2011, Evolis has seen an annual growth rate of approximately 17%. Today, as many as 20,000 South Korean banking agencies have bought and installed Evolis machines for printing plastic cards. South Korea is not the only market in which Evolis has been successful. The company generated a total turnover of €76.6 million in 2015, of which 90% arose from international activities.

The French start-up has been successful in positioning itself in various markets by producing student cards, sports membership cards, as well as security passes.

In 2015, Evolis won a call for tender issued by the Japanese government. For this project Evolis developed multifunctional government ID cards for all Japanese residents.

Evolis looks forward to any future EU trade agreements with partners around the world. Any means to improve the accessibility of international markets can be of great benefit to Evolis.

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