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France - French manufacturer of gasometers fuels clean energy production in South Korea

EU trade deal enables small Bordeaux business to export green technologies.

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VSO Biogas Technologies is a Bordeaux-based business which specialises in gasholders and equipment for biogas storage, all of which are made in France.

The 2011 EU-South Korea trade agreement came at a golden opportunity for the company. The reduction of tax barriers and administrative procedures enabled VSO to offer its products at more competitive prices, seeing a continuous string of new sales in South Korea.

Since 2011, VSO’s trade with South Korea has been generating a turnover of between €100 000 and €300 000 each year.

To date, eight VSO gasometers have been set up in South Korea, most particularly in the food-processing sector where waste is collected in order to create gas. As a result of strong business VSO has hired two additional employees to keep pace with demand.

South Korea is not the only market where VSO has found success; the company has installed over 200 gasometers all over the world. VSO is now looking to expand into South American markets in Peru and Chile, with whom the EU has existing trade agreements.

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