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France - Coopérative HEMP-it

French Hemp Seed Growers since 1964

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French Hemp Seed Growers since 1964

HEMP-it is a leading producer of certified industrial hemp seeds without THC (the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) since 1964.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1964
  • Headquarters: Beaufort-en-Vallée, France
  • Employees: 23
  • Annual turnover: €6.1 million

Company profile

HEMP-it is a farmers’ cooperative specialising in producing and certifying seeds.

HEMP-it has been working with the Hokkaido Hemp Association for the past four years, trying to restart the traditional hemp crop in Japan. The aim is to develop a new sustainable farming opportunity for Hokaido.

How the trade agreement could help

The EU’s trade agreement with Japan could help develop the business between HEMP-it and Japanese farmers by developing plant varieties without any THC. Such varieties are completely safe and allowed under Japanese law.

The EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will create a stable and predictable trading environment for the Department of Agronomy of the University of Angers in France and the Hokaido Hemp Association in Japan.

The exchange of best practices and expertise in technology and agronomy will strengthen the industrial economy of both countries in the long term.

We expect both HEMP-it and our Japanese partner the Hokaido Hemp Association to benefit from the agreement.

Christophe Fevrier,