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France - Amestoy Piment d’Espelette

French pepper spices up Canadian cuisine

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  • Canada
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Maritxu and Eric Amestoy began producing piment d’Espelette (Espelette chilli pepper) on their farm in Halsou, France more than ten years ago. They have since diversified their production into vegetables and eggs. The farm does not use any chemical products. Maritxu and Eric have been exporting their piment d’ Espelette to Canada since 2016. It sells the peppers to a cannery that produces prepared foods.

Company profile

The farm is located in Halsou, 20 minutes from Bayonne, in the Basque Country. It began producing piment d’Espelette in 2003. In 2014, their Espelette chilli powder won the gold medal at the Paris agricultural general competition.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 2003
  • Headquarters: Halsou, Bayonne (Basque Country)
  • Employees: 2

How the trade agreement helped

In September 2017, CETA’s entry into force cut tariffs, simplified administrative procedures and reinforced the protection of the Geographical Indication (GI) for the piment d’Espelette. As a result, demand increased and production grew from 30 to 200 kg.