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Creating happy workplaces

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Creating happy workplaces

Framery is a pioneer and a leading company in manufacturing and developing soundproof private spaces and pods that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces. Framer’s products solve noise and privacy issues in dozens of the world's leading brands' offices, including Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte and PWC.

In 2010 two students faced a problem of a noisy boss talking on the phone and disturbing their work in an open plan office. Once they found out no one in the market had a solution for the issue, they decided to fix the problem themselves and built an acoustic soundproof pod. Soon they realised that other workplaces must suffer from the same problem too and that’s when they decided to help others and start their own business, founding Framery.

Key facts

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquarters: Tampere, Finland
  • Employees: 207
  • Annual turnover: €40 m (2017), sales in 56 countries on 6 continents (2017)

Range of products:

Framery O for making calls or participating in video conferences.

Framery Q for meetings, brainstorming and 1-on-1 conversations in private.

Framery 2Q for 4-6 people, providing a space to co-create, brainstorm and hold meetings.

Framery’s pods make everyday office life happier by providing a place where people can concentrate and work more efficiently. The pod is a place where people can go to brainstorm, write, or share ideas with a colleague. Many of Framery’s clients say the pods have changed their entire working culture.

How CETA has helped

The EU’s trade agreements are essential for fair competition. They have made it easier for Framery to export goods, which was extremely important for the firm’s growth from the very beginning.

CETA – the EU’s trade agreement with Canada – has made it easier for Framery to export to Canada by introducing simpler and faster customs procedures.

From day one it was obvious there was a need for the product from Asia to America. Framery’s aim was to be global from the start. EU trade agreements helped the start-up of two students to respond to global demand.

Framery started selling to Canada in 2014. Since CETA came into effect, it has seen sales to Canada rise by 50%

People want to focus on things that they know the best. For Framery it means making the world’s best acoustic pods and for our customers it means focusing on their business with the best possible tools available. We provide them the best products for an efficient and happier working environment. To do this, we need free and fair global markets where the companies don’t have to focus on trade agreements as they are negotiated by experts in trade agreements.

Samu Hällfors,
Framery CEO and Founder