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Belgium - Smet Chocolaterie

Exceeding Chocolate, Excellent Service

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Exceeding Chocolate, Excellent Service

Smet Chocolaterie is a family-owned business making high-quality chocolates, chocolate products and sweets.

Smet is a renowned Belgian company producing a wide range of high-quality chocolate products and sweets. They make chocolate decorations, inclusions (nuts, cereals, raisins etc.) and printed chocolate, as well as finished products, such as hollow chocolate figures in all shapes and sizes.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1963
  • Headquarters: Kalmthout, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Employees: 150
  • Annual turnover: over 40 Million Euro

For over 50 years Smet has been a leading supplier of chocolate and sweet decorations and an innovator in the industry.

They have four production facilities in Belgium –Malle, Kalmthout, Oostrozebeke and Hoogstraten –and one in Poland.

They sell their chocolates in Europe and export globally, including to Canada and Indonesia.

How the EU’s trade agreement has helped

The CETA agreement has removed Canadian import duties of up to 15% on European chocolates.

Thanks to the CETA Agreement, our exports to Canada have grown by around 20 %. The removal of Canadian import tariffs has helped make our products more competitive in Canada. We’ve also just opened our first shop in Canada, in Mississauga, Ontario and plan to further expand. 

Johan Smet,
Owner and CEO of Smet Chocolaterie