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Belgium - Belgian family business goes global

A Flemish company shines a light on the benefits of EU trade deals

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Delta Light is a Belgian family business which specialises in architectural lighting for residential and commercial buildings. The company exports to more than 120 countries, accounting for 70% of its turnover.

EU trade agreements with countries such as Mexico, Panama and Colombia allowed Delta Light to offer its products at more competitive prices because customs duties on imports into these countries fell significantly.

In November 2015 the company invested €20 million in the construction of a new research and development wing at its Flemish headquarters, where all production and shipping processes are handled.

Delta Light has seen its workforce increase by 30% since it set up operations in Latin America in 2009. With strong business in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Chile, the West Flemish company is now focusing on the Mexican market.

Since the trade agreement between the European Union and Mexico entered into force in 2001, import duties have been eliminated entirely. The two partners have recently taken up negotiations again and aim to modernise and upgrade the deal in terms of trade in goods and services, investments and public procurement.

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