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Austria - EU trade deals bring in dough for Austrian bakery

EU trade deals reduce import duties and remove other barriers to trade, helping European businesses rise to the top.

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Backaldrin is a family-owned bakery headquartered in Asten, Upper Austria. The company, founded in 1964, is the inventor of the Kornspitz grain roll and has found success in many markets all over the world.

Countries with which the EU has negotiated trade deals are the preferred market for Backaldrin because it can benefit from considerably lower customs duties and offer its products at more competitive prices as a result.

The 2001 EU-Mexico trade deal, which is currently the subject of renewed negotiations to improve its scope, supported Backaldrin’s entry into the Mexican market. In 2015, the company built a local production site in the municipality of Toluca. The town just outside of Mexico City will now serve as a distribution centre for the whole of the Americas and the company hopes the modernisation of the agreement will further contribute to growth and jobs.

Backaldrin now exports 80% of its produce and strong international business has ensured continued investment and job creation. In 2013 Backaldrin opened a centre for innovation and technology and expects to create 50 jobs for higher-skilled workers in the near future.

Baking ingredients for bread, rolls and pastries are popular throughout the world. The high quality standards in Austrian agriculture are a trademark of baking products from Upper Austria and part of Backaldrin’s own values. The family-owned company delivers its products to clients in more than 100 countries all over the world. Backaldrin now intends to expand to South Africa and Jordan, once again supported by the trade agreements the EU has signed with both countries.

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