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Austria - Austrian engineering puts solar panels on Singapore's rooftops

Aerocompact designs and produces aluminium mounting solutions for solar panels.

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  • Singapore
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  • Austria

Aerocompact designs and produces aluminium mounting solutions for solar panels. It also provides software and engineering services to install and maintain the equipment, offering a complete engineering package for customers.

Key info

  • Founded in: 2008
  • Headquarters: Satteins, Austria
  • Employees: 30

Company profile

The Austrian company's reputation for quality and engineering has allowed them to expand abroad. It has manufacturing sites in Austria and Poland, and also a warehouse in North Carolina, U.S. The internationalisation process has been rewarding with exports now accounting for 90% of the company's revenue. Southeast Asia represents a huge market for renewable energy technologies.

The fact that the solar energy segment is still quite young the region, with few competitors established so far, the market represents an opportunity to expand for Aerocompact. Following successful projects together with IKEA Singapore and with Changi International Airport, Aerocompact established the Singapore's office in 2016. And after participating in an EU-organised business mission the same year, the company has several projects ongoing in the region.

How the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement could help

Clean technology

The trade agreement acknowledges that the technical tests for photovoltaic cell technologies hold the highest standards in both the EU and Singapore.

This means that European-tested solar panels will be allowed on the Singaporean market without any further testing.

Easing export barriers

The agreement makes it clearer and easier for companies to provide services.

The agreement also simplifies for companies to offer their products, as they are no longer required to include locally-produced components in their products.

For us it is very important to have more agreements like this, because we export everything from Europe to the rest of the world; our materials are shipped by vessels or by air freight. We are dependent on how import taxes and local content requirements are handled. For us it is a 'go or no-go' decision when we decide whether to enter a market, build our offices and employ people.

Mathias Muther,
CEO and founder, AEROCOMPACT