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EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement

Disclaimer: In view of the Commission's transparency policy, the Commission is publishing the Trade and Investment pillar of the EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement following the political conclusion between the Parties, announced on 9 December 2022.

The modernisation of the existing EU-Chile Association Agreement foresees two parallel legal instruments:

  1. The Advanced Framework Agreement, that will include a) the Political and Cooperation pillar and b) the Trade and Investment pillar (inclusive of investment protection provisions); and
  1. An Interim Trade Agreement (iTA) covering trade and investment liberalisation. The iTA will expire when the Advanced Framework Agreement enters into force.

In view of this legal architecture, the Commission is therefore publishing: a) the text of the Interim Trade Agreement (iTA) in its entirety; and b) the texts of Chapter 10 “Investment”, Chapter 18 “Financial Services” and Chapter 20 “Capital Movements” of the Advanced Framework Agreement, which include investment protection provisions.

The texts are published for information purposes only and may undergo further modifications including as a result of the process of legal revision. However, in view of the growing public interest in the negotiations, the texts are published at this stage for information purposes. These texts are without prejudice to the final outcome of the agreement between the EU and Chile.

The texts will be final upon signature. The agreement will become binding on the Parties under international law only after completion by each Party of its internal legal procedures necessary for the entry into force of the Agreement (or its provisional application).


EU-Chile Interim Trade Agreement

Summary of the Trade and Investment Pillar


01  General provisions
02  Trade in goods
03  Rules of origin and origin procedures
04  Customs and trade facilitation
05  Trade remedies
06  Sanitary and phytosanitary matters related to animals and animal products, plants and, plant products
07  Cooperation on sustainable food systems
08  Energy and raw materials
09  Technical barriers to trade
10  Investment liberalisation
11  Cross-border trade in services
12  Temporary presence of natural persons for business purposes
13  Domestic regulation
14  Mutual recognition of professional qualifications
15  Delivery services
16  Telecommunications services
17  International maritime transport services
18  Financial services
19  Digital trade
20  Capital movements, payments and transfers and temporary safeguard measures
21  Public procurement
22  State-owned enterprises, enterprises granted special rights or privileges and designated monopolies
23  Competition policy
24  Subsidies
25  Intellectual property
26  Trade and sustainable development
27  Trade and gender equality
28  Transparency
29  Good regulatory practices
30  Small and medium sized enterprises
31  Dispute settlement
32  Exceptions
33  Institutional and final provisions


02a  Trade in goods - tariff schedules - General provisions
02a  Trade in goods - tariff schedules - EU
02a  Trade in goods - tariff schedule - Chile
03a  Annex 1 - Rules of Origin (except Annex 2)
03a  Annex 2 - Product Specific Rules of Origin
04a  Protocol Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters
06a  Sanitary and phytosanitary
09a  Motor vehicles and equipment
09a  Technical Barrier to Trade
11a  Explanatory note
11a  Annex I Existing measures/schedule of the European Union
11a  Annex I Schedule of Chile
11a  Annex II Future measures
11a  Annex II Schedule of Chile
11a  Annex III Chile - Market Access
11a  Annex III Market access commitments/schedule of the European Union
11a  Annex IV Business visitors
11a  Annex V contractual service suppliers and independent professionals
11a  Annex VI Financial services
11a  Services - Movement of Persons - Procedural commitments
18a  Annex Market Access
18a  Annex Non-conforming measure
21a  Government procurement Chile
21a  Government procurement EU
22a  State-owned enterprises - Non conforming measures – Chile
31a  Code of Conduct
31a  Rules of procedure

EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement

10  Investment
18  Financial Services
20  Capital movements

Joint Statements and Declarations

Joint statement on trade and sustainable development 
Joint Interpretative Declaration on the Investment Protection Agreement