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CETA - a boost for jobs and exports in Belgium

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Businesses of all sizes in towns and cities across Belgium already export a wide range of goods and services to Canada.

CETA will make it easier and cheaper for them to do so. Read the country factsheet for full details.

Companies and jobs

The number of Belgian companies that export to Canada.
The share of Belgian companies exporting to Canada that are small and medium-sized enterprises.
The number of jobs in Belgium that EU exports to Canada help support.
The number of jobs in the EU that EU exports to Canada help support.

What kind of products does Belgium export to Canada?

Companies across Belgium export goods and services to Canada.

Let's take three towns or cities:

A map of Belgium, showing Brussels, Zulte and Ottignies & Louvain-la-Neuve


Exports and Imports

Canada is Belgium's 12th biggest trade partner outside the EU.
€2.3 bn
The value of Belgian exports to Canada.
€3.7 bn
The value of Belgian imports from Canada.

Meet an Belgian exporter

CETA will help WeWatt, a Belgian start-up, sell more of its cycling desks in Canada. Find out more.

We Watt first installed cycling desks in Canada in 2015


Other EU countries export to Canada too!

Go to CETA in your town to learn more about other EU countries' exports to Canada.



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