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EU-Canada agreement: Factsheets and guides

Find out more about the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

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General factsheets

  1. An overview of CETA (other languages)
    The 7 main parts of the agreement
  2. CETA and agriculture (other languages)
    How EU agriculture benefits
  3. The strategic benefits of CETA (other languages)
    Working together to shape globalisation
  4. Safeguards in CETA (other languages)
    Six ways CETA guarantees the EU's interests
  5. Standards and values in CETA (other languages)
    A progressive agreement for sustainable development
  6. In figures (other languages)
    The EU-Canada trade relationship
  7. The negotiating process (other languages)
    Reaching a deal

Factsheets and infographics on individual EU countries

Brochure for businesses - benefits, chapter by chapter (including translations)

Sector-specific guides and reports

Rules of origin:



Public procurement:

Creative economy:

Green markets: