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WT/DS426 - Canada - Measures Relating to the Feed-in Tariff Program

WTO dispute settlement case - Launched by the EU

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Dispute settlement
Dispute settlement
WTO - Case launched by the EU

Summary of the case

  • Complaint by: EU
  • Complaint against: Canada
  • Third parties: Australia, Brazil, China, El Salvador, India, Japan, Korea, Republic Of, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Turkey, United States

The Canadian Province of Ontario implements a Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Programme aimed at promoting the installation of electricity generation capacity from renewable energy sources. For wind and solar energy electricity generators, Ontario imposes a domestic content requirement that conditions the benefit of the FIT Programme on the use of generation equipment sourced in Ontario.

Relevant WTO provision: Subsidies and Countervailing Measures: Art. 3.1(b), 3.2, 1.1, ; Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs): Art. 2.1, ; GATT 1994: Art. III:4


Dispute is at the appeal stage.

  • Consultations requested: 11 August 2011
  • Panel requested: 09 January 2012
  • Panel established: 20 January 2012
  • Panel report circulated: 19 December 2012


EU submissions and other related documents

Full case details and WTO documents on the WTO website

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