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News article5 March 2021BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade1 min read

Fourth negotiation round to modernise Energy Charter Treaty

The European Commission and the Member States participated in the fourth negotiation round on the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) that took place from 2 until 5 March by videoconference.

During this round, the EU presented its proposal to phase out the investment protection of fossil fuels from the Treaty. The Contracting Parties of the ECT also discussed the provisions related to investment protection, such as ‘definition of investor’, ‘definition of investment’, ‘most constant protection and security’, ‘fair and equitable treatment’ and ‘the right to regulate’.

The discussions among Contracting Parties present during the round were very constructive and good progress was made on several topics.

The next round of negotiations will take place 1-4 June 2021. Before this round Contracting Parties will convene in an informal setting to discuss further the EU proposal on definition of economic sectors.

For more information

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5 March 2021
Directorate-General for Trade
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