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News article16 March 2022BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade

EU adjusts steel safeguard quotas following import bans

The EU has today adjusted the import quotas included in the EU’s steel safeguard. 

Following the introduction of import bans on steel from Belarus and Russia, quotas previously assigned to these two countries will be reallocated to other exporting countries on a proportional basis. The changed quotas will apply as of the start of the new quarter of the safeguard, which is on 1 April 2022. They will help to avoid a shortage in steel supply in the EU.

The EU is redistributing the steel quotas previously allocated to Russia and Belarus. Quotas will be redistributed by product category and will be awarded to other exporting countries proportionally, based on the latter’s share of imports in 2021.

Such redistribution ensures that the existing steel quotas can be effectively used to the maximum, as based on the needs of EU steel users reflected in the 2021 trade flows.

The import bans on steel from Russia and Belarus provide a three-month transition period to wind down existing contracts. During the transition period, any goods bought in these countries under contracts established prior to the cut-off date – including ancillary contracts necessary for the execution of existing contracts – will still be allowed to enter the EU.

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