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News article18 April 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for Trade1 min read

EU addresses Indonesian hot-rolled stainless steel circumventing EU tariffs via Türkiye

Today, the European Commission has extended the anti-dumping measures on imports of stainless steel hot-rolled coils (‘SSHR’) from Indonesia to imports of SSHR from Türkiye.

The extension of measures follows an investigation which showed that EU anti-dumping duties on imports of SSHR from Indonesia were being circumvented by imports sent for final completion to Türkiye and then shipped to the EU. SSHRs are a primary material in the construction industry, with the EU market worth € 2.4 billion.

The extension of anti-dumping measures to SSHR from Türkiye is necessary in order to enforce the trade defence measures in place since October 2020 on imports of SSHR from Indonesia, China and Taiwan.

The European Commission was alerted to the existence of a completion operation in Türkiye which processed stainless steel slabs from Indonesia and imported them into the EU as SSHR. The value added by this completion operation was less than 2% of the total manufacturing cost, and almost all of the processed product made its way to the EU. The Commission’s investigation found that there was no economic justification for this practice other than the circumvention of anti-dumping duties on SSHR from Indonesia.

The extension of the measures to imports from Türkiye will protect EU producers of SSHR from unfair competition resulting from the circumvention of anti-dumping duties. It demonstrates that the Commission is fighting unfair trade in all its forms.

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