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EU trade deals give Europeans more and more opportunities as regards jobs, business growth and investment.

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A branch of the Coffeeshop Company

The Austrian Coffeeshop Company has over 300 franchises worldwide. The company’s international expansion was also possible thanks to the EU’s trade agreements with countries such as Mexico, Morocco, and Egypt, which reduced much of the administrative work needed to enter those markets.

A branch of the Coffeeshop Company

Schärf Coffee is a family business which operates over 300 coffee shops in 23 countries under the Coffee shop Company brand, supplying them with coffee from Austria. Schärf uses only premium high-grown Arabica beans for its coffees, sourced from the best coffee growing areas around the globe.

Jewellery: a ring

The 2013 EU trade deal with Colombia has contributed to the international success of Viennese jeweller, Freywille. The firm has hired new workers and opened a successful shop in Colombia, which should lead to further expansion in the Americas.

Rainer Wess with a colleague

Rainer Wess winery is located in the Kremstal region of the Wachau Valley of Austria. It has earned a strong reputation for its Grüner Veltiner and Riesling wines. Supported by EU trade deals with international partners, Rainer Wess exports 65% of its produce.

A Freywille store

Freywille is expanding its business in Canada and the USA through a network of retail partnerships.

Exports are essential for the business success of many small companies in Europe. At Belgian essential oils producer Pranarôm, exports even account for 90% of the firm's turnover. The firm welcomes the CETA agreement as an opportunity to facilitate the certification of its products in Canada.

EU trade agreements support small businesses throughout Europe. Discover how EU trade deals favour revenue growth and job creation in a Flemish family business. Delta Light is a Belgian family business which specialises in architectural lighting for residential and commercial buildings.

WeWatt is a Flemish company with a lofty goal: to turn human kinetic energy into usable power. The small company was founded in 2011 by Patricia Ceysens and Katarina Verhaegen. It creates innovative pieces of furniture equipped with pedals to generate electricity.

Belgium - KitoZyme

Kitozyme is a small biotech company in Wallonia, Belgium. It specialises in technology for healthcare and beverages.

Or Coffee employee at work

As a result of the EU's trade deals, Belgian coffee maker OR was able to build partnerships with farmers in countries such as Costa Rica. These partnerships entail the farmers taking on an active role in the coffee-making process rather than just supplying beans.


For over 50 years Smet has been a leading supplier of chocolate and sweet decorations and an innovator in the industry.

Huyghe Brewery exterior

The 2013 EU trade deal with Columbia and Peru made rules for beer imports to those countries clearer, which in turn made it easier for smaller breweries to sell their beer there. The family-owned Huyghe Brewery has benefitted from simplified administrative requirements, posting profits as a result.