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Sweden - Boosting renewable energy in Argentina

Cue Dee makes masts with instruments to measure wind strength - essential for any wind energy project. It is active in the wind industry and the development of green energy.

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Exporters' stories - Sweden - Boosting renewable energy in Argentina

The company, based in Robertsfors, Sweden, employs 30 people and had a turnover of €16 million in 2016.

Cue Dee's name is short for 'Quality Design', which is the hallmark of all its products. So far, it has supplied customers in more than 40 countries worldwide, and over 80% of its annual turnover comes from exports. Argentina is currently developing its energy sector, and aims to increase its production of wind power.

Generating wind energy requires the correct measurement of wind strength. So Cue Dee is looking to export its measurement masts and equipment to help Argentina develop its wind energy industry. To do so, it needs to meet Argentina's regulations which lay down technical specifications for products.

The EU-Mercosur deal could help Cue Dee by removing Mercosur customs duties, enabling Cue Dee to offer Argentinian consumers better value.

The agreement would also make it easier for Cue Dee to clear its products through Argentinian customs. It would also require the authorities in the EU and Mercosur to work together to:

  • align their regulations with international standards
  • be transparent and publish regulations
  • develop initiatives targeting specific industries
  • make it easier for SMEs to show their products meet legal requirements ('certify conformity')

In business, openness and trust are key. Clearer rules and regulations make it easier to create transparency. And when it comes to customs, high tariffs hamper development. An EU-Mercosur deal would help open up a whole new market for us, where it has not been economically viable to export before. It would also enable us to support Argentina in developing its green energy sector.

Urban Wikman,
Business Manager Wind, Cue Dee

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