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Sweden - Asket

Ethical EU-made clothes finding a home around the world

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Ethical EU-made clothes finding a home around the world

Modern companies like Asket are used to a world without borders, communicating seamlessly with customers around the world. Trade agreements can help break down customs barriers, allowing their goods to move just as freely.

ASKET is an online-only menswear brand founded with the mission to free wardrobe essentials - the garments we actually need and love the most - from fashion and bring them back to basics.

One garment at a time, ASKET is building a permanent collection of meaningful essentials based on honest production, transparent pricing and an innovative size system.

Key facts

  • Founded in 2015
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Employees: 5

How trade agreements can help

Small companies don’t have time for complex paperwork. Trade agreements can streamline processes meaning they have more time for other work.

Tariffs on EU-made clothing and textiles have been reduced from 18% to 0% in Canada. South Korea from 8% to 0%.

As we grow as a company, we are increasingly looking outside of the European market. However, tariffs on clothes make this more difficult and expensive for our customers. By opening up foreign markets like Canada, South Korea and Japan, trade agreements make our products more competitive there.

August Bard Bringéus,