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Portuguese shoemakers hit the ground running in Canada

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Portuguese shoemakers hit the ground running in Canada

The EU’s trade agreement with Canada has created a more favourable business environment for European firms wanting to export to Canada. Portuguese footwear makers began seeing the benefits even before the end of the negotiations

Key info

  • Founded in: 1975
  • Headquarters: Porto, Portugal
  • Employees: 700 members
  • Annual turnover: EUR 30 million

Company profile

Apiccaps is a Portuguese, nation-wide manufacturers’ association, that focuses on footwear, components, leather-goods and related equipment.

The organisation aims to promote the development of the sectors it represents and those of its 700 members.

How did the trade agreement help?

The elimination of tariffs has had a direct impact on the exports of Portuguese footwear companies and speeded up their growth.

  • Exports to Canada have risen sharply, reaching some 800 thousand pairs a year
  • Companies have grown further by hiring more staff and developing their business

For the Portuguese footwear industry, which exports more than 95% of its production, the conquest of new markets is a priority. This new agreement is, from our point of view, an excellent opportunity for Portuguese footwear companies.

Joao Maia,
General manager, Apiccaps