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Italy - Educating on Authenticity and Tradition

Feeling hungry? Canadians can now enjoy Prosciutto di Parma in Canada, coming straight from Parma, Italy… under its own name!

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Exporters' stories - Italy - Prosciutto di Parma

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1963
  • Headquarters: Parma, Italy

The history of Prosciutto di Parma dates back to ancient Roman times. The Consorzio was founded in 1963. Today it features 140 producers and supplies 8 million hams annually to markets all over the world.

Company profile

Prosciutto di Parma is a 100% all-natural, no nitrates/nitrites, preservative and gluten-free product made with only four ingredients: pork, sea salt, air and time. By law Prosciutto di Parma is cured at least 400 days (starting from date of first salting), and some may be cured as long as 3 years.

It is made in Parma, Italy (Emilia-Romagna region) and is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product, meaning it can only be produced using traditional methods in a specific geographical region.

Approximately 70,000 hams are imported into Canada annually.

How CETA could help?

The protection of Geographical Indications in CETA has allowed Prosciutto di Parma to take full hold of its name in Canada. Since CETA, Canadian consumers buying a product called Prosciutto di Parma, and featuring the distinctive Parma Crown, are now guaranteed to get the authentic, 100% all-natural Italian ham.

Prior to the CETA agreement, Prosciutto di Parma was sold in Canada, but had to use a different name, such as "The Original Prosciutto" / "Le Jambon Original" as the trademark "Parma" had been acquired by another Canadian company.

Today, the protection of Geographical Indications under CETA defends the authenticity of a product – both the means and  location of production – ensuring greater clarity for Canadian consumers.

Thanks to the CETA agreement, we are able to offer Canadian consumers our premium product, under the correct designation, and provide some clarity regarding the quality and origin of the prosciutto they purchase. We are excited to re-introduce Canadians to the real Prosciutto di Parma and offer an authentic, premium experience from start to finish.

Stefano Fanti,
Director of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma (Italy)