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France/Germany/Spain - Airbus

2020 – Another Space Odyssey

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Europe boasts a strong space sector, notably in the fields of satellite navigation and Earth observation. Similarly, the Canadian space sector has established an excellent reputation in many areas, including in Earth observation. The Canadian Space Agency recently chose to work with Airbus as it explores possible concepts for future Canadian Earth Observation systems.

Key Info

  • Founded in: December 18, 1970
  • Headquarters: Toulouse, France
  • Employees: 134,000

Company profile

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. An aerospace pioneer, the European company’s fields of expertise range from military and civil aircraft to helicopters and space systems and services. It launched its first Earth observation satellite in 1986. Since then it has become the world’s number one exporter of highly sophisticated Earth observation satellites.

How the EU-Canada trade agreement helps

CETA opens up new government procurement opportunities for Europeans in Canada. Thanks to the new market access the agreement provides, Space Systems at Airbus was able to submit a proposal to the Canadian Space Agency regarding an important system study project that is developing concepts for Canada’s future space based Earth observation capabilities.

A study contract was awarded to Airbus in October 2020. Now scientists and engineers from Friedrichshafen (DE) supported by Canadian industry partners from Winnipeg and Saint John’s are working together to frame the next generation of Earth Observation systems that will be in use between 2026 and 2041.

For further information about how to access public procurement in Canada, please consult our  EU Practical guide on Procurement and EU Practical guide on Procurement with a focus on Provinces

Airbus is delighted to contribute to Canada’s space odyssey working in partnership with leading Canadian aerospace companies. Thanks to extended procurement possibilities, CETA opens doors for Airbus in Canada and provides us with important opportunities to develop future space system concepts for the Canadian Space Agency and the Canadian government.

Jean Marc Nasr, Head of Space Systems,
Airbus Defence and Space