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France - Putting French delicacies on Australians’ plates

Today GJ Foods carries around 1,000 top-end products and is looking to expand its already wide selection.

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Missing the food culture from the motherland, the founders of this Sydney-based company started sharing his love for French food with Australian consumers.

The retail business started in 1991 but the history of GJ Food goes back even further. The mother of Georges – the founder of GJ Food – started a small bistro in Paris in the 1920s. Georges carried the tradition with him to Australia after moving there with his Australian wife in the 1970s. Today, the business has been passed on to his son, Rene, making this family's love for food a business that has been around for three generations.

GJ Food imports predominantly high quality French products and distributes them throughout Australia. Having been operating for 27 years, the company were among the first to introduce high quality French delicacies to the Australian market, including foie gras, fresh truffles and European mushrooms.

Today GJ Foods carries around 1000 top-end products and is looking to expand its already wide selection. The company can see that a trade agreement would make trade between Australia and the EU easier.

How an EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement could help

One of the aims of the agreement is to make it easier for firms to export or import food products. This could mean less paper work and easier and more streamlined procedures for getting tasty European food products onto the Australian market.

The negotiations also aim at cutting or lowering the tariffs on food products, while at the same time protecting high standards for human, animal and plant life and health. This would lower the cost for consumers and make GJ Food more competitive.

We sell French food because it is who we are and what we love. We love our heritage and take great pride and joy from sharing our passion and love of French cuisine, gastronomy and culture through food. For us, a trade agreement would help us continue with this, in an easier and more competitive way which can only benefit the end consumer.

Rene Puechberty,
Director of GJ Food