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France - French wine destined for international markets

EU trade agreements help small producers enter new markets by lowering commercial barriers to trade

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Pascal Jolivet is a French wine producer from the Loire Valley region. The EU trade agreement with South Korea enabled the small producer to increase its exports to the Asian country by one third in just three years, reaching 5,000 bottles in 2015.

The trade agreement between the EU and South Korea has enabled France to become South Korea’s largest wine supplier, benefitting from a 30.9% market share. Today, South Korea is the third largest Asian wine market for France, behind China and Japan, with an expected increase of 25% by 2017.

For Pascal Jolivet, 70% of the company’s turnover now relies on international exports, amounting to €7 million annually. In fact, four of Jolivet’s ten employees now work exclusively on the exportation of the company’s wine, which is sold in quality restaurants in 80 countries around the world.

For Europe's wine industry, the EU's trade agreement with Canada, known as CETA, lowers the import duties to which European wines were subjected. It marks the end of Canada’s regional monopolies on wine retailing. Every province and territory in Canada applied these monopolies, except Alberta. In effect, CETA represents a golden opportunity for French and other European wine producers.

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