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France - Axioma - Conquering the future

Axioma is a French company with big plans to boost its exports beyond the borders of the EU.

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"Trade agreements allow us to focus on our business, to focus on technology and testing, rather than on administration and on how to move our products through customs." 

Clément Soulier,
Deputy Chief Executive Industry & Innovation, Axioma

Expanding internationally...

Axioma is very conscious of the role that EU trade agreements play in facilitating its access to non-EU markets.

When CEO and founder Anthony Bugeat first set eyes on his new-born son, he knew that he wanted to contribute to making his future safer. “At that time, there was a lot of talk about GMOs, pesticides, glyphosate,” Anthony says. So he set out to respond to the challenges of food security, agricultural transition, and climate change.

Today Axioma produces organic biostimulants that enable plant crops to withstand climate stress more effectively by strengthening the plant, its structure, and its roots.

Climate-related stress is one of the main causes of agricultural crop losses today. Biostimulants can help farmers across the globe to limit their yield losses and better cope with climate change.

Axioma is in the process of international expansion to bring their solutions to all continents.

“Latin America, for example, is a large agricultural area that is of great interest to us. Countries such as Australia, which have very large agricultural areas and are very prone to climate stress issues, will really be targets for us as we are able to provide them with elements to address their problems,” says Clément Soulier, Deputy Chief Executive Industry & Innovation at Axioma.

...and accessing markets more easily

When selecting its markets, Axioma considers not only the level of preparedness of local farmers for adopting new technologies, but it also looks at whether there is an EU trade agreement in place which will make its access to the market easier.

“In fact, these trade agreements are critical in the sense that they can bring us a lot of gains in terms of competitiveness and time. The fewer regulatory barriers we have to overcome, the more we are saving time and resources“, says Thomas Brandt, Deputy Chief Executive Finance and Business Development at Axioma.

With plans to conquer both Brazil and Australia, Axioma is looking forward to the conclusion of EU trade agreements with both countries.

Besides bringing its technology to climate-stressed regions, the company’s approach based on installation of micro factories directly in the regions will be an additional benefit to the local economy in terms of employment creation.

“The challenge is to also have a local structure. I think it is very important to reindustrialise. We really want to get involved locally for instance in Brazil in the same way as we are invested here in France,“ says CEO Bugeat.

Free trade agreements allow us to gain a lot of time. Exporting represents a significant investment, both in time and money. EU trade agreements bring gains on, for example, customs costs, administrative simplicity, customs clearance times, and certainty regarding non-tariff barriers.

Thomas Brandt,
Deputy Chief Executive Finance and Business Development, Axioma

Key Facts

  • Founded: 2012
  • Employees: 25
  • Headquarters: Brive-la-Gaillarde, France