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Estonia - Estonia Pianos

Connecting Canada with Europe's finest craftsmanship

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Connecting Canada with Europe's finest craftsmanship

Estonia grand and concert pianos are the result of an ideal - to craft inspirational instruments by hand using only the best suited, and therefore limited, materials, parts and experienced craftsmen in Europe.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1893
  • Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Employees: 42

Company profile

Piano making in Estonia is a centuries-old craft. The first reference to piano making in Estonia dates back to 1779.

Estonia Pianos is a company that produces grand and concert pianos of the highest quality. To build a truly hand-crafted piano in the European tradition, Estonia sets the standard and then seeks out only proven European partners to supply each selected component in the pianos they build. Artists of the highest calibre have used their pianos to perform and record.

Around 80-85% of Estonia’s sales are outside the EU, mainly to the USA, Australia and China.

How the trade agreement could help?

CETA – the EU’s trade agreement with Canada – eliminates the 7% tariffs on EU grand pianos, making them more affordable in Canada.

Thanks to CETA, Estonia Pianos can ship pianos and parts more easily, enabling them to provide an even better service to Canadian customers.

The EU-Canada agreement will help to lower the cost of Estonia Pianos for Canadian consumers by around 7%. That makes us more competitive compared to makers from Asia.  

Dr Indrek Laul,
Owner and Pianist