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Belgium - Belgian essential oils producer is ready for Canada

The upcoming EU-Canada trade agreement could facilitate product certification on both sides of the Atlantic – and create new export opportunities for a Walloon essential oils laboratory.

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Pranarôm is a Belgian essential oils laboratory and world renowned creator of medical and scientific aromatherapy products. Thanks to strong and consistent international demand, exports made up 90% of the company's turnover in 2015.

The company has recently introduced a range of scientific aromatherapy products in Canada – the result of an extensive certification and registration procedure imposed by Canadian health and customs authorities. For Pranarôm, the certification represents a vital development in its commercial strategy and the resulting increase in turnover from €100,000 to €350,000 in just one year confirms the positive expectations that were held in the Canadian market.

Before the CETA agreement, barriers to trade and regulatory obstacles still existed: high import duties prevented Pranarôm from fully profiting from the Canadian market. Out of the several hundred products that Pranarôm had on offer, only about 90 could be sold in Canada. Regulatory cooperation between the EU and Canada helps Pranarôm introduce and export products more easily, especially as aromatherapy is gaining success and scientific recognition in North America.

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