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EU-Australia Trade Agreement

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Towards an EU-Australia trade agreement

The European Union has launched negotiations for a comprehensive and ambitious trade agreement with Australia.

According to an impact assessment, trade in goods and services between the two partners could increase by around a third.

The trade negotiations aim to:

  • Remove barriers and help EU firms – especially smaller ones – to export more
  • Put European companies exporting to or doing business in Australia on an equal footing with those from countries that have signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership  or other trade agreements with Australia
  • Introduce ambitious provisions on trade and sustainable development, showing a shared commitment to labour rights and environmental protection (including climate change) in trade
  • Protect distinctive regional EU food and drink products from imitations in Australia
  • Allow EU companies to better participate in government procurement in Australia

The Council of the European Union authorised opening negotiations for a trade agreement between the EU and Australia on 22 May 2018.

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