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Monitoring and risk assessment of outbound investment

The Commission is seeking views on its proposal for targeted fact-finding and analysis of selected outbound investments from the EU to determine the nature and extent of risks related to such investments and the need for policy responses.


Opening date
Directorate-General for Trade
Trade topics
  • Enforcement and protection
  • Investment
  • Trade policy

Target audience

All stakeholders with experience in the field of EU outbound investment and an interest in the EU’s initiative on the matter (e.g. businesses and their associations, law firms and consultants, or EU Member States’ public authorities) are invited to contribute.

Contributions from other stakeholders, such as think-tanks, academic and research institutions, NGOs, civil society organisations, international organisations, and governments of non-EU countries are equally welcome.

Why we are consulting

The Joint Communication on a European Economic Security Strategy adopted on 20 June 2023 recognises the importance of open global markets for the success and economic security of the European Union in terms of resilience and competitiveness. It confirms that "our economies thrive on open and rules-based trade and investment, on secure cross-border connectivity and collaboration on research and innovation".

At the same time, it highlights growing concerns regarding outbound investments. Certain investments in third countries in a narrow set of critical technologies can come with the risk of EU know-how getting into the hands of non-EU actors, who may use this to undermine international peace and security. This especially concerns technologies suitable for enhancing military and intelligence capabilities.

Building on the work initiated with Member States in the Expert Group on Outbound Investment established last July, the Commission has now published a White Paper on outbound investments to take this reflection further. It proposes an in-depth analysis of outbound investment from the EU, focusing on a narrow set of critical technologies to determine the nature and extent of risks related to it and the need for policy responses.

The Commission has decided to follow a careful step-by-step approach. First, it proposes to monitor certain past and current outbound investments, during a monitoring phase that should last 12 months. Then, based on the outcome of the monitoring, it proposes to carry out an assessment of risks linked to such monitored transactions, with a view to informing the policy debate on the need to propose any policy responses.

This targeted public consultation accompanies the publication of a White Paper, in order to receive structured input and reactions to the approach developed in the White Paper.

Your responses to this consultation will help us to refine our approach.

Respond to the consultation

The response period for this consultation has ended. Thank you for your input.

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