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Pre-announcement - 'Mapping industrial products by HS codes and their associated standards and regulatory requirements'

The Directorate-General for TRADE of the European Commission plans to launch the tender 'Mapping industrial products by HS codes and their associated standards and regulatory requirements' under its List of Vendors.

The purpose of the first part of the tender is to match products and components that are subject to first-party conformity assessment procedures (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity, SDoC) in the EU with their corresponding HS codes, on the basis of an indicative list of products. The tender includes the identification, based on EU legislation, of additional products and components and their subsequent matching with the relevant HS codes. The second part of the tender aims at linking the products of interest to relevant standards and regulatory requirements applied by large EU trade partners. To identify these standards and regulatory requirements, databases such as 'Perinorm' are to be analysed.

Foreseen duration of the contract: 14 months

The tender was launched on 10/08/2021 and email notifications were sent to the economic operators that were registered under sub-list 4 at the time of the launch. In order to access the tender documents, each economic operator needs to validate its access by clicking on the link provided in the email notification that was received.

Economic operators are welcome to register their interest for the tender under this pre-announcement and for future tenders on the List of Vendors.

This Pre-announcement serves informative purposes only and does not constitute any rights towards or obligation by the Contracting Authority.

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