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European Commission informs WTO on new set of coronavirus measures

In a continued commitment to transparency, the EU informed the WTO about coronavirus-related EU and Member States initiatives on 24 April. These include measures to address the economic consequences of the pandemic.

This follows the notification on a first round of measures on 7 April this year.

The WTO has become a focal point for transparency on countries’ trade measures related to the coronavirus. It is tracking WTO Members’ reported measures on a dedicated webpage. In addition, the next edition of the WTO Director General’s Trade Monitoring Report, to be issued before the summer break, will include information on coronavirus related measures.

The EU will continue to make sure that any coronavirus related trade measures are targeted, proportionate, temporary and transparent – consistent with the commitments made by countries of the G20 group.

Trade measures shared with the WTO:

More information

News item on the first EU notification to the WTO on coronavirus rated trade measures


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27 April 2020
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