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Novice11. marec 2022BruseljGeneralni direktorat za trgovino

EU takes action on dumped imports of aluminium household foil from China

Today, the European Commission extended for five years the anti-dumping duties in force on imports of aluminium household foil from China.

This extension follows an investigation which showed that dumping by Chinese exporters continues despite the measures in place and if these measures were to be removed, it would cause injury to the Union industry The anti-dumping duties will remain at their current level of between 6.4% and 30%.

The EU consumes €200 million worth of aluminium household foil annually and is a very attractive market for China, which has a significant spare production capacity to increase its exports to the EU. The existing measures on imports of Chinese aluminium household foil eliminate the unfair price advantage that these imports enjoy. If the measures were scrapped, it would lead to a loss of market share for EU industry, threatening jobs and the viability of production plants in several EU Member States.

Chinese exporters have previously tried to circumvent existing EU duties by modifying the product slightly or by shipping it via Thailand. The EU addressed these circumvention attempts by extending the anti-dumping measures to the modified product in 2017 and to shipments of the product coming from Thailand in 2021.

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