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Novice24. marec 2022BruseljGeneralni direktorat za trgovino

EU takes action on dumped calcium silicon from China

Today the European Commission imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of calcium silicon originating in China. 

An investigation found that Chinese imports are being substantially dumped on the EU market. In response, the Commission will impose duties ranging between 31.5% and 50.7% on imports of calcium silicon from China. Such duties defend the EU calcium silicon industry, based in France and Slovakia, from injury by dumped imports and so support continued production of calcium silicon in the EU.

Ferroalloys like calcium silicon are essential for the production of special steels and as such are an important element of the steel production chain and of the EU’s economic sovereignty.

Today’s measures underline the EU’s determination to use trade defence instruments fully to protect the EU ferroalloy industry from unfair trade practices which jeopardise their competitiveness.

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24. marec 2022
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