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Notícia16 janeiro 2019BruxelasDireção-Geral do Comércio

EU requests bilateral dispute settlement consultations with Ukraine over wood export ban

The EU has formally requested consultations with Ukraine under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement on Ukraine’s export ban on unprocessed wood.

The EU considers that the longstanding trade restriction by Ukraine is in violation of key trade provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which prohibit any form of export restrictions.

While the EU strongly supports legitimate measures taken by states to preserve forests and to combat illegal logging, the EU has repeatedly stated that Ukraine's export ban cannot be considered an appropriate or effective measure for that purpose and has repeatedly offered co-operation in the area of forest preservation and management.

Consultations under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement are the first step in a dispute settlement. The EU hopes that the matter can be successfully resolved during these bilateral consultations.

The consultation request

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16 janeiro 2019
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